Business Box Services

Since 2003, the Paris Essonne Development Agency created 3,825 jobs devoted to 86 projects.

Finding a site to set up operations

  • Strategic advice on establishing your business.
  • Drawing up specifications.
  • Selecting and offering real estate and land products.
  • Visits to sites.
  • Advice concerning negotiations.

Legal support

  • Advice about choosing the most suitable legal structure for your project.
  • Support with carrying out administrative formalities.
  • Information about the stages involved in your recruiting process.
  • Priority access to our network of partners. (taxation, corporate law, finance, human resources, etc.)..

Knowledge of the market

  • Providing summary data about your sector.
  • Establishing relations with our expert partners for a customised market study.

Welcoming employees

  • Establishing relations with dedicated welcoming structures: Paris Region Development Agency, local parners, real estate agencies, Science Accueil...

Support with your recruiting

  • Defining the profiles for the positions you want to fill.
  • Establishing relations with partner employment bodies.
  • Selecting CVs.
  • Organising meetings.
  • Payroll costings.
  • Advices towards recruiting support.

Access to the network

  • Establishing relationships with our partners: competitiveness clusters, institutional bodies, events, academics.

Finding financing

  • Validation of your financing plan.
  • Identification and selection of the forms of financial support that can be mobilised.
  • Organising financial round table meetings.